Wings in Lauderdale by the Sea, Commercial Blvd, and the Surrounding Areas

Pizza and chicken wings are undoubtedly the first two items that come to mind when asked about fast food, right? So, whether you simply enjoy eating your feelings or are a hardcore fast food lover, you should definitely check out our items at Big Louie’s Pizza. From some of the best wings, pizza, pasta, and salad to authentic Italian cuisine, you are bound to simply have a mouthwatering fabulous experience. Functioning mainly in the areas of Commercial Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, Lauderdale by the Sea, and Oakland Park, you can stop in for pickup, eat in, or simply call to place your first delivery order.  

Just to make things a tad bit easier for all you chicken lovers out there, we have put together the two most wanted chicken wings that you can have. So, without any further delay, let’s dig in.  

  • Traditional Wings– If you are someone who likes to savor their wings without any interruption, then, the Traditional Wings is the go-to option for you. Moreover, it is served with your choice of sauces that can range anything from Mild(original buffalo), BBQ, Terriyaki, Honey Mustard to something as Hot(Original Buffalo). The dressing usually includes either ranch or blue cheese. Moreover, while ordering online, there is also a space for “Special instructions”, just in case you would want to be more specific and add in some extra information.  
  • Boneless Wings– If you are not a big fan of the bones, then our meaty boneless chicken wings could be the perfect item to go for. Along with the usual aforementioned choices for sauce, you can also choose Medium (Original Buffalo), Garlic/Parmesan or just Plain (no sauce) for the people who want to enjoy the natural flavors of the wings. And, the rest of the options like Dressings and others will be the same for both.  

So, if you are ready to dig into your favorite chicken wings or any of our other specialties, give us a call at 954-616-8716 or order through our online portal.